Today is the UN’s official World Food Day, the kind of thing that often leaves well-meaning people thinking geez, what can I possibly do that will make any difference at all for hungry kids? Well here’s one thing: Sign a really simple petition from a really effective organization.

world Food Day 2012

The World Food Day Petition
was put together by ONE, the advocacy organization I recently traveled with
to Ethiopia. (You know…Bono’s thing?) The goal is to get 175,000
signatures and I know the amazing readers of Cool Mom Picks can help.

It’s a simple message: Dear World Leaders,

Please make measurable commitments to reduce chronic
malnutrition for 25 million kids by 2016 so they can reach their full

world food day sweet potato promotion |
Trust me, ONE is comprised of people with
influence who get petitions into the hands of high-level people who
matter. Signing your name is not frivolous–and it will truly help do

Want to do more today? You can attend a local event, submit a sweet potato recipe on Pinterest, or send a powerful Tweet to Secretary of State Clinton and follow the feed. All the info is at the site.

Because if there’s one thing I know about moms: we all just want every child to reach his or her potential. That starts with getting some good food in those bellies.  –Liz

Sign the The World Food Day Petition and see what other simple ways you can help out on World Food Day.Also, visit the World Food Day USA website for more ideas and information.


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