Looking for a sweet DIY Halloween project with a big payoff? These homemade candy bar recipes are the perfect way to celebrate Halloween with the kiddos.

You’ll still buy bags of snack-sized candies for the 31st (try one of these all natural candy bars). But these recipes are not for trick-or-treaters…they’re just too good to share! (Plus, it’s a little creepy to give out homemade food to kids you don’t know.) So definitely save these treats for you and your coven.

I am a sucker for chocolate and coconut together, so these easy homemade Mounds bars (above) found on From Scratch Club are right up my alley. Two of the (only!) five ingredients require a trip to your local natural-foods store (coconut oil and brown rice syrup), but these Halloween treats are worth it.

Homemade Butterfinger recipe for Halloween | Mary Quite Contrary Bakes

Even easier: this homemade Butterfingers recipe from Mary Quite Contrary Bakes requires just three ingredients, one being candy corn. Mmm.

Homemade Kit Kat recipe for Halloween | Milk and Mode

Break yourself off a piece of this homemade Kit Kat recipe from Milk & Mode made with–who knew?–club crackers. I’ve seen a few other Kit Kat recipes that use club crackers, I but love this one because the result is a cross between Kit Kat, Twix and Mrs. Field’s peanut-butter dream bar. That just can’t be bad.

Green Tea Kit Kat recipe for Halloween | Peko Peko

For those of you who want to give your Halloween candy a little twist, grab a copy of the Peko Peko charity cookbook–proceeds go to Global Giving’s Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. These Green Tea Kit Kat bars by Josie of Daydreamer Desserts are just as easy to make as regular Kit Kats–but in an eerie green that’s perfect for Halloween.

Homemade Three Musketeer bar recipe for Halloween | Namely Marley

Three Musketeers Bars are a Halloween staple that’s very easy to replicate at home. This homemade Three Musketeers bar from Namely Marley even looks like the real deal! Made with dairy-free whipped topping (and just three other ingredients), it’s vegan, too.

Nutella Twix bar recipe for Halloween | Savory Sweet Life

Okay, ready to shut the part-ay down? All you need is a batch of these Nutella Twix Bars from Alice of Savory Sweet Life. Let me repeat that: Nutella Twix Bars. (Go ahead and take a moment.) Alice tells you how to make these using store-bought caramels, pretzel sticks, Nutella and chocolate chips. These are surprisingly simple and dangerously delicious–you’ve been warned.

Homemade Twix bars for Halloween | Not Without Salt

Lastly, I’m throwing in these homemade Twix Bars from Not Without Salt because they are gorgeous. Truth be told, the recipe is a little involved. But, if you’re being Super Crafting Cooking Mama for Halloween, this recipe is not to be missed. 

Don’t forget to visit our archives for more Halloween ideas.

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