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Darth Vader Disneyland

Such an important piece to read this week: How to be a good fellow citizen in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. And, go here if you’d like to sign up to volunteer to help clean up the city in the weeks ahead. (via new york family)
How will our kids remember these traumatic moments? Turns out, some of our scariest moments may become some of their favorite memories.
Riding out the storm with small children. . . one family reflects on the days after Sandy.

If you’re stuck inside this week, we hope this list of indoor activity ideas with kids will keep everyone from going crazy.

Laughing at this fun video that has the iconic Star Wars’ villain Darth Vader enjoying the digs of new owner Disney.
What Liz learned from other moms on her trip to Ethiopia with ONE Moms.
Not sure what to do with all that extra Halloween candy? Kristen has rounded up some great ideas.
Such a great Kickstarter project to get free art into the hands of. . .anyone.

Liz has contributed a fun piece on cool driving shoes for the Chevy Culture style blog – which do you want? 

What happens to small businesses when a major change comes to their area? Interesting look at one Brooklyn neighborhood as a new basketball stadium comes to town. 

Loving online consignment shop thredUP’s new Groups which allow you to band together with others to raise money for a special cause. Even better: They have already raised over $1000 for Hurricane Sandy relief, and you can join too.
Pinterest Board of the Week: Camille Biggins’ Autumnal board is just right for the season.

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