Yes, we’re tired of the endless political ads and robo-calls. But here’s one good thing about election season: it’s been a great way to get our kids interested in the country and all the red-or-blue shaded states that keep appearing on the screens. So, I’m going to jump on the kids’ heightened awareness of all things USA with a cool new monthly subscription by our globetrotting favorite Little Passports.

And while Little Passports’ fictional characters Sam and Sofia haven’t stopped trotting around the globe, they’ll also be exploring the areas a little closer to home. No passport required.

Sign a special someone up for Little Passports USA Edition and they’ll first receive a Discover Kit that explains the story of Sam and Sofia and gets kids excited about what will be coming up in subsequent months–This is very helpful if you plan to send this to a faraway niece or nephew as a gift.

In that first mailing is an intro letter, a disposable camera, a field guide that they will fill out as additional mailings come, and a colorful paper wall map. My only quibble is that, unlike the World Edition which sends you the cutest little suitcase in which to store your mailings, the USA Edition comes in a plastic portfolio. Although it’s nicely illustrated, it’s missing the “awwwww” of that suitcase.

Little Passports USA Edition

After that, each month your child will receive info on two different states, like Texas and New York, or Florida and Nebraska. The fictional characters send your child info on two different states with fun activities, like a pop-out paper model taxi cab from New York City, along with stickers and postcards. I love that they make subscriptions so flexible, with 3-, 6-, and 12-month options, as well as a way to just pay month-by-month if you aren’t ready to commit.

The USA Edition is aged a bit older than the World Edition (ages 7 to 12, instead of ages 5 to 10) because there is a fair amount of workbook and hands-on activities a child will need to do to make this a worthwhile experience. And, I know one homeschooling family that’s already grabbed a subscription to supplement their geography studies. But if you are looking for a holiday or birthday gift idea that is smart, fun, doesn’t need batteries, and keeps arriving after the special day has passed, this is one cool gift indeed.

Check out more photos and sample activity pages for Little Passports USA Edition on the Little Passports website.


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