Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too.

A while back, she was photographing her daughter napping in fanciful scenes. Now, Adele Enersen is doodling around her sleeping son who becomes a rocking DJ, runway model, or cellist in his dreams.

If you’ll be the one hosting Thanksgiving dinner check out this amazing list of Thanksgiving resources from our own Stacie.

If someone else is cooking you Thanksgiving dinner (lucky!), grab one of these free printable wine labels and gift tags from Sarah Hearts and bring something delicious for your host. (via How About Orange)

This awesome 11-year-old found a way to raise money for the Red Cross by also providing her neighbors with a much-needed pop-up internet cafe in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Such a revealing–and touching–animated video that shows how sensory overload can overwhelm a child with autism.

Need a laugh–and a cringe? Check out Kristen’s list of The 5 Craziest Pinterest Pins and tell us if you agree.

We all know kids shouldn’t watch so much TV, but it looks like we aren’t doing too much about it. Guilty as charged.

The latest in the Cafe Mom Coffee Shop Confessions video series wonders if this mom has gone too far in her choice of part-time careers.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Love the muted hues and delicious-looking food in this Modern Thanksgiving board by Sarah D’Amico.

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