Metallic feather-look earrings crafted from leather? Yes, please. The style is super cool and party-perfect. Even better, these earrings look ridiculously expensive, but only cost 24 bucks.

But wait, there’s something more amazing about them.

Raven + Lily is a longtime favorite of ours, for their beautiful items and their goal to empower women through design In keeping with that, these earrings are each handcrafted by marginalized women in India, using locally sourced leather. The proceeds go straight back to these women, in the form of literacy programs for them, their children, and their community.This holiday season, I can’t think of a more perfect gift for a friend (and myself, why lie?) than these beautiful earrings.

Wood and metallic leather bracelets | Raven + Lily

I also happen to be pretty darn smitten with the leather bracelets as well–which, coincidentally, would look sweet with those earrings. –Eva

Zia Feather leaf earrings and Ferdoz wood and metallic leather bangles are available at Check out the website, where you can get more information on the specific communities partnering with Raven + Lily to make a difference

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