Move over, Future Diva. There’s a new girl in town, and her future’s so bright, she’s got to wear a glittery pink stethoscope.

Future Doctor onesie!

The Future Doctor onesie from Technigirl is an adorable way to let everyone know there’s going to be a surgeon in the family in, oh, about 30 years and 8 million dollars of tuition (accounting for inflation). It’s made in the USA of 100% cotton with phthalate-free inks, and while I don’t think the stethoscope has to be pink or glittery, it will prevent some of those awkward “what a cute little boy” conversations in those early months.

Technigirl is run by a techie engineer mom and is also worth checking out for the Oscilloscope Bodysuit and science-minded shirts for older girls in sizes up to 6X. Come to think of it, maybe it’s kind of fun to see those girly colors and glitter mixed with robots, rockets, and lab equipment. –Delilah

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