Maple earrings by Amy Bengston
I’m definitely a fan of big statement jewelry–big rings, big earrings, chunky necklaces–but the thing about it is, too much of it at once makes the wrong statement. So I’m always on the lookout for great earrings that tamp down the bling so that the neck or the fingers or the wrist can shine instead.

Amy Bengston is such a popular designer with the team at Cool Mom Picks, I think
that at least half our writers own something from her collection. Now there’s one more piece to covet: her sleek new polished maple earrings.

I love that they’re both substantial and lightweight, and that they
have a bit of a retro-throwback sensibility but in a really modern way.
And I especially like that if I wear a big fat golden cuff around my
wrist at the same time, I won’t look like a Real Housewife of…well,
one of the cities where they wear a lot of gold at the same time. –Liz

Find maple earrings and other lovely jewelry from independent artist Amy Bengston


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