Everywhere I look, from fashion magazines to the fingers and earlobes of the Meatpacking District fashionistas in NY, it seems that rose gold jewelry is here and it’s not going anywhere–prepare to see loads of it this spring and summer. It’s not just pretty though; it’s practical. The subtle pink sheen means you can pair with silver or gold, and you never feel that idgy feeling when you mix metals (is that just me?).

Here are just a few pieces I tracked down in a variety of price points that I could definitely see myself wearing.

Rose gold pyramid studs | Hook and Matter

If you’re the type who likes to keep your earrings in and not think about them, check out these rose gold pyramid studs
from Etsy’s Hook and Matter. I think the shape is just great,
especially if you like more geometric shapes. The price is on the pricier side at
$188, but that’s because these are solid gold, not plated.

Rose gold bangles | Judy Slatkin

artist Judy Slatkin of Lucky Star NYC has a nice selection gorgeous
pieces that demonstrate serious craftsmanship. I like a lot of her
pieces, but this Rose Gold Plated Triple Bangle set is so on trend right now and will go with just anything.

Rose gold plated initial necklace | Olive Yew

For an affordable treat, the plated Rose Gold initial necklaces from Olive Yew are so dainty and pretty and make a cool new mom keepsake too–just add more initials for more babies.

Rose gold bubble ring | Toolis Jewelry

As a big ring devotee, am so taken with this rose gold ring,
handmade by Etsy’s Toolis Jewelry out of Tel Aviv. It’s actually made
of silver and plated in rose gold, but the effect is the same. And how
cute are those little bubbles?

Rose gold hoop earrings | Charm and Chain

Charm and Chain is always one of my first go-to jewelry sites, but lots of the pieces are on the higher end. So I was happy to see these rose gold-plated hoops which ring in at $60. And I know these would become a great everyday earring choice for me. [note they’re currently out of stock but they can email you when they’re back!]

Rose gold crystal bangles | Henri Bendel

If you’d like a little more glitz with your gold, Henri Bendel’s has a lot of fun pieces out lately, including these rose gold bangle bracelets with Swarovski crystals. You get the whole set of three, and the best part–the price is now down from $128 to $76. Get them while you can!


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