I’m kind of floored to admit that the new Active Top Smart Drinking System from SIGG absolutely refused to leak no matter how much I abused it. This new line of bottles for adults and kids has a liner that’s eco-friendly, BPA-free and phthalate-free, plus it’s recyclable and practically unbreakable. It’s designed so that kids can drink out of this bottle without tilting it–not to mention carry it upside down in a backpack full of report cards or fall asleep with it in their lap during a long car trip and wake up with dry pants.

And I know, because we’ve tried all of those things, and the bottle never gave up so much as a drop of liquid.


Hello Kitty no-leak water bottle for kids from SIGG

Now, it’s not perfect. As complicated as the pre-whatever fancy system sounds that makes it leak-proof, it’s that complicated the first time you take it apart to clean it. And my four-year-old needed five minutes of instructions before he could figure out how to get the liquid from the bottle to his mouth. (i.e. “Just suck harder, dude.”) But once everyone knew how to drink, they began fighting over it. Luckily, as the bottle tumbled in slow motion through the speeding car, it didn’t spill. And the second cleaning experience is much easier, although there are small parts that can be lost.

In summary, this is a fantastic water bottle for people who hate leaks. I wouldn’t recommend it for children under four, nor for drinks that might go completely rancid if left in a sealed container for long chunks of time. Or long chunks of milk. Shudder.

Find Active Top Smart Drinking System bottles at the SIGG website. They’re currently available with a tiger, a horse, butterflies and fairies, a horse, Hello Kitty, or a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur.