We’re always asked where to find cool bedding for kids, especially once they’ve advanced out of that toddler bed and outgrown the cutesie sheets of preschool and early grades. Well, whoa, I’ve found some that might even redefine the idea of cool bedding for kids.

The duvet sets from the Netherlands’ Snurk Bedding are mindblowingly clever. Behold, as the combo of duvet and pillow case suddenly transform your kid’s bed into a life-size astronaut, princess, or even a trampoline. But what’s even cooler is how it looks when your kid is actually under those sheets.

Princess kids' duvet set | Snurk Bedding

Trampoline kids' bedding set | Snurk Bedding

The prices are in Euros and they do ship overseas so it’s not like shopping your local department store. But then…aren’t they just amazing? Just make sure they fit your kid’s bed. The sheets run to fit a double/full (140 x 220 cm which is roughly 55 x 86 inches) which could still keep a kid in a twin bed nice and comfy. And the astronaut too. –Liz

[h/t room to bloom blog]

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