I always love finding original ideas for keepsake jewelry, especially to mark the birth of a child. (Just please don’t call them push presents. Argh.) And there’s something about this bracelet that’s so different than the typical curliecue letter stamped into silver, that I’m really digging it.

Keepsake date bracelet | Mitsymoto Designs


The Save the Date Bracelet by Mitsymoto Designs lets you add up to 6 numbers on a cool, vaguely industrial brass plate with bronze rivets. It reminds me more of a door number on a house without the hyphens or slashes to separate the month, date, and year, which makes it a little more cryptic and interesting to me. And I like the daintier gold fill bracelet which still keeps it feminine. 

You can find it at a discount for a limited time at Uncovet if you’re a member, or check the artist’s Etsy shop. Then, bookmark it. Because if you have more than one kid, I imagine you just might need more than one bracelet. –Liz

Check out the custom at Save the Date Bracelet at Etsy’s Mitsymoto Designs or while supplies last on Uncovet.

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