There’s a walrus in my bathtub. Luckily, he’s a very tidy walrus and will be glad to store all of our bath toys for us. Plus, he has friends that are just as cute and helpful for wet toy storage.

We love pretty much everything from 3 Sprouts, and now they’ve moved from bedroom and changing table storage solutions into the bathroom with these adorable new bath storage caddies. Whether you’re into blue walruses, orange foxes, or purple owls, each mildew-resistant organizer has a stretchy mouth for NOMing your toys and a suction cup to hang securely from tile or glass.

Fox bath storage caddy | 3 Sprouts
Owl bath storage caddy | 3 Sprouts

Plus, if it involves throwing things in the mouth of a walrus, maybe there’s a slim chance your kids will actually offer to clean up after the bath all on their own. Right? Right? –Delilah

Find adorable animal bath toy storage organizers at 3 Sprouts.