Ah, LEGOs, you who are so much fun to play with and so painful to step on in bare feet, it appears that you have reinvented yourself again. You already teach math, you’re a cell phone,  you appear in Escher art, you’re even a dreidel, and now you can create a custom LEGO mosaic portrait? Seriously little bricks, you are just too versatile.

LEGO Kermit portrait | Brixels

If you’ve ever wanted to see yourself in LEGOs (or a loved one, favorite celebrity or a LEGO-friendly landscape) then Brixels is for you. With Brixels, you can create your own Pixel artworks out of LEGO bricks; simply upload your image to the site and they will process it to determine how many LEGO blocks are needed and in which shades (all artwork is black-and-white, save your color LEGOs for playdates), and send you a digital preview within two days.

You choose whether you want the Brixel masters to create your portrait, or you can choose the lower-cost method, receiving a template and all the bricks to put it together yourself. Which actually sounds like fun, if you’re a puzzle-putting-together kind of person.

I, personally, would prefer the experts to construct my LEGO face, but then I get frustrated figuring out where the pieces go on Mr. Potato Head. Just bein’ real.

LEGO Marilyn | Brixel
If you’d rather not have your own mug on a LEGO mosaic but are dying to hang LEGO-Kermit or LEGO-Jet Li on your wall, check out the Brixels gallery of pre-made portraits.

Keep in mind that this is not an inexpensive endeavor; a 15″ by 15″ portrait that you put together yourself will run you $209 on the low end, but if you’re a LEGO nut, or just want a cool way to display a picture of the kids in the playroom, this is pretty great.  And if you ask me, I’d take LEGOs on the wall over poking into my tender bare feet any day. –Shari

Upload your image to the Brixels website and see what you look like in LEGOs.