We’re entering the gift-giving season around my house, with a series of family members’ birthdays evenly spread out of the next few months. And as many personalized gift ideas I’ve got in my arsenal, I’ve found one that I think will be perfect for a couple of lucky people on my list.

Family Math Pillow


I’ve found all sorts of lovely gift ideas at Wicked Stitches, and the Family Math pillow is no exception. It’s such a sweet, simple gift for mothers or grandmothers in particular, with up to six names embroidered in black and red, or the colors of your choice, and something that I’m sure will be treasured for many years to come.

Or at least, until you add a new little member to the family. Don’t look at me! Kristen

You can order the custom family math pillow at Wicked Stitches.


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