I thought long and hard about our crib purchase back when my oldest was a baby, and I still remember wanting to find something that I could still use after she had outgrown it. Back then, that meant it could be used as a toddler bed–which I thought was pretty awesome.

But these days, I’m blown away by how creative designers have become in making a simple crib something parents will be able to use even when their kids are in high school. Seriously.

GRO convertible crib


The GRO convertible crib is like nothing I’ve ever seen. Not only is it one swanky crib on its own, but you can turn it onto a toddler bed, a play table, even a real adult-size desk once your child has outgrown it.

GRO Convertible Crib as a desk

I really appreciate that it’s made in the USA using non-toxic materials, so you know you’re investing in something that you’ll feel glad to have in your house for a very long time. And yes, it’s definitely an investment, but if you consider how much a similar crib would cost as well as all the other pieces of furniture you’d be buying, I think it’s quite competitive.

GRO Convertible crib in play table mode

Plus, unlike a few of the convertible cribs I’ve seen, which still sort of look like cribs once they’re converted, I’d actually put this desk anywhere in my house quite happily. Kristen

Purchase the super-convertible GRO convertible crib at Module R

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