Luke has the Force and a lightsaber. Your kid has fingers and some ink. And now they can rule the universe together…or at least make some cool art.

Star Wars Thumb Doodles!

The Star Wars Thumb Doodles book from Klutz is exactly what it sounds like. The kit includes four ink pads, a black marker, and a dual-color tipped pencil that looks like a lightsaber. Kids can follow the simple step-by-step directions right on the page to produce oodles of doodles of Star Wars characters. Ewoks, Wookiees, Jedi, aliens, and Jabba are all on the list, and there’s plenty of room in the book to practice, including backdrop scenes set on Endor, the Death Star, and more.

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan over the age of six, it’s a pretty cool way to make drawing accessible, along with that delicious glee of getting ink all over everything without getting in trouble. And, yes, there’s a Boba Fett. I always have to check. –Delilah

Find the Star Wars Thumb Doodles book at our affiliate Amazon.


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