Mabel's Labels Write Away self-laminating labels
Surely you’ve gotten the memo: Dear Parent, All of your children’s items MUST be clearly marked with their names. Every time, I know the teachers mean me. I swear, I am always looking for the darn Sharpie to write my daughter’s name on her sandwich box for the hundredth time. But eventually it washes off, and hey, I have other priorities to keep up with, like making sure there is some sort of lunch in the box suitable for consumption. 

So I am now humbled and grateful for the genius of Mabel’s Labels, a longtime CMP fave. I fully believe they just may have a huge hit on their hands with their newest product–I know they’re a hit in my house.

The Write Away! Labels make keeping organized a breeze. So how do they work? Two words, self-laminating (or is that one word?). Just jot down the pertinent info, seal it up with their nifty two-layer lamination system, stick, and you are good to go. And as always, the labels are waterproof, microwave- and dishwasher-safe and available in boy- and girl-friendly designs. 

Mabel's Labels Write Away

You see, normally you would order the labels online with your specific info to be pre-printed on them by the Mabel experts, but now with Write Away! you can actually buy them blank and fill them out yourself for use right away. Three cheers for instant gratification! Even cooler? Mabel’s Labels has partnered with Target, which will carry this exclusive new line in the stationary department for $9.99 (even cheaper than online), making the award-winning labels accessible to all in stores. Woot!

Yes, these beyond-clever little labels are sure to save you many headaches–and sippy cups from vanishing. I think I just may have to buy a pack for the preschool teacher. Stephanie M 

Check out the brilliance of Mabel’s Label’s Write Away! line here.


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