I’ve been a long time fan of artist and designer Marisa Anne Cummings of Creative Thursday, who’s created some of the beautiful artwork, growth charts, and calendars seen on these here pages. So when I finally got my hands on her new book to help you get your creativity on too, it met every expectation.

Boy, I love this book.

Creative Thursday book

The thing I love most about Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice is that it isn’t really just about illustrating or painting or for professionals or people who have their own “crafting rooms.” Really, it’s for anyone who enjoys creative pursuits and often needs a little nudge to get them going.

Or, uh, finished.

And it’s perfect for parents of all kinds.

The book takes you through helpful thoughts on topics like how to set your intention, accepting resistance, setting deadlines and time limits, and finding inspiration–the latter of which is woven throughout the entire book visually via so many of Marisa’s endearing works of art and other projects.

It’s clear that Marisa “paints from joy,” as she writes. You can’t help but feel that joy the second you crack the cover.

Creative Thursday book illustrations

Get creative with Creative Thursdays

But I think the thing I love most about this book is that as a parent, it gives me so many ways to talk to my children about their own creativity. Like telling them to be okay with mistakes that can be turned around. Or to draw what is in their hearts, and not what they think they should be drawing. There’s even a list of inspiring questions perfect for children when they ask you what to draw, like what’s their favorite color, animal, music, or place to visit.

Besides, I love a book with a subhead that says Believe That You are Creative. That is often the first step of all. –Liz

Find Creative Thursday: Everyday Inspiration to Grow Your Creative Practice at our affiliate Amazon, or learn more at Marisa Anne Cummings’ website, CreativeThursday.com. Plus shop the Creative Thursday Etsy shop for all kinds of loveliness from fabrics to artwork.