Seeing as my Christmas card this year was a photograph of me with an 8-foot Cookie Monster (yeah, my kids are in there, too, somewhere), I make no secret of my undying affection for the gang on the street called Sesame. So I’m loving an adorable T-shirt from perennial CMP favorite Threadless, and if you’re a Sesame Street lover, I think you will too.


Sesame Street Threadless tee


This cream-colored 100% cotton Sesame Street tee from artist Glen Brogan via the Threadless Sesame Street T-Shirt Design Challenge which we covered has a cool retro feel and a lively spirit as fun as the gang it represents. We love the original winner, but this one is pretty darn cool too.

The shirts come in guys and girly sizes and baby onesies as well, so the whole family can match, if that’s your kind of thing. Uh…not that I know anyone like that. –Shari

This Sesame Street Gang tee and many others can be found at Threadless.


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