Even though my oldest daughter is still a little young for the official period talk, that doesn’t mean I’m not prepared. In fact, I still have the Original Dot Girl First Period Kit we discovered a few years ago bookmarked on my computer for when the time comes.

As it turns out, they just recently updated the already useful kit to make it an even better tool for parents with tween girls, which I (gulp) will soon be.

The new and improved Dot Girl First Period Kit still contains everything it had before that I appreciated, but now comes with a brighter, snazzier pouch, a year-long period diary, and a hook for hanging in the bathroom or in a school locker. It’s also got a larger heating pad and plastic bags (for disposal purposes), along with the other necessities I really liked in the first version.

Dot Girl First Period Kit

I appreciate that while the logo is a little cutesy, the whole kit itself is not at all. Just a super helpful way for parents help educate and prepare their girls for one of life’s firsts.

You can purchase the new Dot Girl First Period Kit on the website.