HelloFlo monthly subscription serviceSo if you’re anything like me, at that time of month you’re caught completely off guard and then are reduced to pillaging your drawers and cabinets trying to find that box of tampons and pads you think you bought a month ago but can never seem to find.

That is why this new monthly subscription service is made for me. And possibly you too.

Meet HelloFlo.com, a smart new service that delivers everything you need for your period all in one box, right on your doorstep. No sending your partner to Target for tampons, or scrounging through old purses in the closet for a spare pantyliner. (Don’t lie, we’ve all done it.)

For now, you pick which “Flo” (get it?) you want, schedule it so you get it up to a week before each period, and you’ll get tampons, pads, and pantyliners to suit your needs, as well as a little sweet treat because well, we all know that’s important too.

HelloFlo monthly subscription service

I like that the supplies are wrapped quite nicely and packed in a lovely, reusable cloth bin that you can then use every month to keep everything readily available.

Now honestly, this won’t be for everyone for several reasons. You can’t cutomize the box just yet. It’s coming soon, along with earth-friendly options, but for now your tampon choice is limited to Tampax Pearl. If you’re not a pad user, then you could be stuck with extra supplies. And honestly, if you’re already super organized, then you might think the whole thing is a little silly.

But for those of us who often get caught doing the monthly scramble, or more likely, if you’ve got a teen who hates buying tampons at the store from the 17-year old checkout guy, this could be absolutely brilliant. Kristen

You can order your monthly subscription at HelloFlo.com.