The more kids I added to my brood, the more I actually wanted (and needed) a smaller diaper bag. Since I was already juggling children, I didn’t need to add a child-sized bag to the mix, you know?

Snakeskin diaper bag from My Cocolime on Cool Mom Picks

If only the new python bags from CMP-fave My Cocolime were around when I was in diaper bag mode.

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We’ve been longtime fans of My Cocolime, from their awesome lunch bags for kids as well as their diaper bags, so it’s no surprise we’re digging their newest collection, all designed by a mom who really knows what other moms want to carry. 

Now, if you’re looking for a ginormous bag with tons of pockets and gadgets, you might want to look elsewhere. But if you are looking for a medium-sized, stylish faux-leather bag that’s got all the important diaper bag features, like bottle holders, a changing pad, and stroller straps, this is for you.

This season, designer and mom of two Lavinia Lobo has added the super on-trend python, which I’m liking most on the Jaipur style.


My Cocolime Diaper Bags on Cool Mom Picks

If you want a little more python, you might like the Jacey bag, which is sized perfectly for a toddler mom or someone who doesn’t need to carry a bunch of baby essentials. (Love the price, too!)

Shanti diaper bag in python on Cool Mom Picks

And if you’re in full-on python mode this season, grab the Shanti bag, which I actually prefer in brown. If you could do without the snakeskin, you can also snatch it up in a solid blue or bronze, which is fabulous.

I do wish the lining of the bags was a bit prettier, but it’s a small complaint considering how wonderful they look and how fabulous the price is compared to similarly styled handbags. And yes, I would totally carry these even if I didn’t need a diaper bag. Hey, who says I’m not carrying one right now? –Kristen

You can purchase the new collection of My Cocolime diaper bags on their website.

Congratulations to Christy C, winner of a Jaipur bag from My Cocolime! 


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