Gallo en Fuego kids' belts on Cool Mom Picks
When I first discovered the cool gifts at Gallo en Fuego, I was definitely intrigued. And not just because there were hot firefighters all over their website. HOT.

As it turns out, Gallo en Fuego offers more than just eye candy. Their kids’ belts are made from decommissioned fire hoses, most of which are from New York. They are just plain awesome: bright, sturdy, and perfect for any little kid, boy or girl, especially if he (or she) is a firefighter fan.

Gallo en Fuego kids' belts on Cool Mom Picks

Each belt (the belts come in adult sizes too, by the way) is made in Gallo en Fuego’s custom workshop right here in the USA, and a portion of the proceeds go to National Fallen Firefighters Association. Plus, it’s pretty cool to wear something that once saved someone’s life.

Now go take a look for yourself. THE BELTS, mamas. THE BELTS. Kristen

You can purchase the upcycled kids’ belts from fire hoses at Gallo en Fuego. They also sell adult belts, cool wallets, even pet collars.

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