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Diem Chaus carved crayons on Cool Mom Picks

Crayons become tiny works of alphabetical art. Amazing!

Did you see our brand-new and super amazing (if we do say so ourselves) Baby Shower Gift Guide? Don’t miss all the great picks, and the chance to win $500 from Gap!

That bittersweet moment when growing-up-kids stop believing in “magic.”

We parents of tweens wish this clever app for parents was more than an April Fool’s joke. Hilarious!

No, this one isn’t a joke, and it’s not from 1952: New Study Says Dads Want Moms to Stay Home.

What a fun contest: Invent a fun new outdoor game for kids and you could win big!

We’re laughing–albeit silently–at Amber Dusick’s very funny satirical post about wanting to “quit” parenting sometimes.


amber dusick i quit parenting

What to Do When You’re the “Emotional One” in Your Marriage

Annie’s Favorite Movie Lines is adorable, and Good Morning America agrees

Pinterest Board of the WeekLight It Up Blue for National Autism Awareness Month.


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