Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. We hope you like them too! 

Modern Parents Messy Kids on Cool Mom Picks


Love the 25 Ways to Play With Nature, like making little bugs out of found objects.

Who will you nominate for the 40 Women to Watch Over 40 list? Maybe yourself?

Why your teen should join the marching band. Man, we love this. (And not just because it’s from former CMP contributor Mir Kamin.)

Want to have an awesome baby shower? We’ve got some great tips!

And check out Kristen’s list of the Best Baby Shower Gifts Under $30.

Love how this one mama’s love of fart jokes and silly humor to create fun memories with her kids.

Surprising news that FDA has approved a morning sickness drug that was once thought unsafe.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls: super-cool website for all our smart girls. (via Kelly Wickham)

New York Families, check out the first BilingualFest for a fun family concert celebrating Chinese and Hispanic heritage and culture, including Elena Moon Park.

Grab a cute tee-shirt for your kids and support CMP favorite Baby Buggy too.

Tiny dancers: The sweetest photos of six-year-olds trying out for a prestigious ballet school.

Pinterest Board of the Week: You’ll never guess who is the Guest Pinner on Martha Stewart Living’s Pinterest board



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