Peace Warrior kids' t-shirt  | Cool Mom Picks
Peace is something I believe we need to promote all the time. I want my children to wear it on their sleeves and on their chests.


So of course I am digging this Peace Warrior t-shirt by Be Love, which puts our affinity for non-violence on our casual wear. Is there anything cooler than a “Peace Warrior?” I’m going to say no…but then again, there’s a whole category of cool kids’ tees featuring the likes of Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King.

Be Love is a rad organization that inspires children and adults by communicating lessons of love and strength directly onto organic cotton. Even cooler, it’s family run and they donate a portion of their proceeds to a rotating roster of community organizations; this month it’s a wonderful LA transitional home for homeless women and children.

The clothes do more than look beautiful, they really act beautifully too. –Eva

The Peace Warrior t-shirt is available in kids and adult sizes at Be Love Apparel.


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