In order to perfect the punk rock, skater-boi look, a Ramones shirt will no longer cut it. My kids have been jonesing for trendy chain wallets like their friends at the skate park. The problem? Teachers don’t exactly dig the boys playing around with their wallets during class. An unattached chain spells trouble, there’s no way around it. So what if I told you that you could get the perfect chain look without all of the baggage?

Boys' skater shorts with chain on Cool Mom Picks


These new Punk Shorts by Chasing Fireflies are just the look my boys dig. I call this the faux-chain look (no wallet!), and man, will little skater kids flip for these.

Now I will say Chasing Fireflies is known for some pretty exceptional threads, but they do come at a price–in other words, it’s up to you if you want your kids to actually skate in them. Because if I caught mine getting some colossal-sized rips on the bottoms, I’m certain I would go mental.

Then again, it would probably make the look more authentic. Rock on, my brothers. –Eva

Punk Shorts for boys are available online at Chasing Fireflies.


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