I take lunchbox shopping verrrrry seriously. I need a durable, reusable lunch pack for the kids that is insulated, looks great, is eco-friendly, and stays closed (so the leftover crumbs don’t take up residence in my car). Take it from a woman who just took on a thousand goldfish crackers wreaking havoc in the trunk: we’ve found a fabulous new option.

Cool Mom Picks fave Apple Park has got just the lunch bag, and just in time for summer camp, too.Their reusable kids’ lunchpacks cover all of the bases that get us interested; they’re made from kid-safe, eco-friendly materials without compromising fun design sensibilities. Get this: These 6 super sweet lunch bag designs were created using 100% recycled fabrics and recycled bottles.

A bunny with a past life as a root beer 2L? How cool is that?

Eco-friendly kids' bunny lunch bag on Cool Mom Picks

Eco-friendly kids' penguin lunch bag at Cool Mom Picks


I am finding it a tough task to choose a favorite style. The bunny is pretty darn adorable with those floppy ears, but she might have been edged out by the penguin because I know that he will be an adorably cool contrast to those hot summer days just around the corner. And since we’re talking quality, Sir Penguin will easily make it to the school year too. –Eva

Recycled Lunchpacks for kids are available from Apple Park.

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