I’ve seen lots of pretty name necklaces, but none made out of your kid’s actual handwriting, like these.

Now I realize the intention of the Signature Necklaces by brevity is that you’d wear your own John Hancock right around your neck, which does make a pretty unique statement — like, hey, I have a doctor’s signature without the medical license to go with it. (Yes, mine is more like a bunch of scribble than anything cool.) So instead, I love the idea of having your kid’s signature (or name, written by them) turned into a stainless-steel or gold or silver-dipped necklace.

Personalized Signature Necklace on Cool Mom Picks

While it does make a brilliant Mother’s Day Gift idea, each piece is made by hand, you won’t be able to get the actual necklace in time for May 12. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t order one and pop a picture of the idea in a card. It’s still so cool, even if a mother has to wait to get it. And we mamas are good at waiting. Kristen

Order The Signature Necklace from brevity on their website. And for more cool personalized Mother’s Day gifts, make sure you visit our Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

[via Design Milk]


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