There is something intensely satisfying about putting a small baby in a superhero cape. Maybe it’s because babies aren’t particularly heroic; who has time to save the universe while attached to a breast?

Instead of an actual cape, try a hero onesie designed by an artist famous for gracing the pages of McSweeney’s. You’ll find it at Wordsation, a cool site that commissions artists to design baby onesies and t-shirts for hip urban kids everywhere. Wordsation seeks out artists with a unique and still child-friendly look to create apparel with edge. They have a rotating roster of artists that they work with.

Dandelion baby onesie on Cool Mom Picks

There are three different versions of the hero baby onesie, all featuring kids in different flying positions. But don’t stop there! Take a look at the entire collection. There are tubular designs (seriously!) that bring us back to the eighties and even some dancing octopii. It’s all quite funky fresh. One of my personal favorites is the sweet girl flying with a dandelion. Because when you blow those dandelions with all of your might, don’t you imagine floating with them? No, just me?

The Hero Onesie cape alternative for baby superheroes is available on Wordsation.


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