Psst. Look down. (Okay, not at the post-baby boobs, although they are pretty great.)

Check out my cute shoes. And my adorable necklace.

Look at my Shoes necklace at Cool Mom Picks!

Do you love cute shoes, mamacitas? We have good news!

This Look at My Shoes acrylic necklace from Zubinski Products on Etsy is made in Frankfurt, which means you’re not going to see another one at the playground. It’s available in five colors, including clear, and is probably a little bigger than you think. It comes on a 27″ ball chain and will probably survive your baby’s teething.

When you’re having one of those bad-hair-didn’t-do-the-laundry days, just put on cute shoes and this necklace and point a lot. Cute shoes make everything better. –Delilah

Find the Look At My Shoes necklace from Zubinski Products on Etsy. Shipping is free!


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