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Twenty years after my own Bat Mitzvah, the world now caters to the preteen universe in ways it never did. Still, finding the right gift for a young adult’s special occasion can be tricky in a market that usually consists of accessories that are overly mature, overly expensive, or just…uh, not very nice.

There are some companies out there that do get it right though, and Rucakids is one of them.

Rucakids is a wonderful jewelry line founded by a set of cousins who wanted to create a collection for kids and young adults that really lets their personalities shine. What makes the jewelry so special? Well, for one, the art featured on the various pieces were created by their very own kids. How cool!

Ruca Kids Star of David Necklace | Cool Mom Picks

Rucakids has two distinct design lines. For those who want to celebrate their beliefs in a stylish, youthful way, there is the “Faith” collection, including a Star of David, a St. Christopher medal or a St, Francis medal–any of which could be a perfect gift for special religious moments, or even for a graduation.

The “Lucky Penny” collection is pretty great as well. You’ll find rounded lockets with hand-drawn designs of either a four-leaf clover, a horseshoe, or a shooting star. We particularly dig the inside of the locket fitted with a pocket to hold a lucky penny, inscribed with the sweet little message, See a penny pick it up


Prices here start at just $45, and top out around $130 for the Lucky Pennies. Pretty good for those of us who don’t want to spend a fortune on a meaningful gift for a niece or a friend’s child. Plus we adore the variety: it’s awesome that all designs are available in both oxidized silver and gold.

For any occasion, these heartfelt pieces are sure to send a clear message to your special kiddo of just how lucky you feel to have them in your life. Not that a single piece of jewelry could ever do that. But it helps. –Stephanie M

Shop the collection of affordable Bat Mitzvah Jewelry and baubles for other special occasions at


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