I have a special place in my heart for wooden bowls. My Eastern European grandmother used to make these beautiful and elaborate green salads and serve them to us in small wooden bowls, so I’ve been looking for bowls that remind me of my sweet Bubbie ever since…to no avail. Until now.

Why I didn’t think to look to Etsy is beyond me.

handmade wooden bowls | cool mom picks


Check out the super funky shop for perfectly sized bowls with just the right pop of color for my salads, or cereal, or giant displays of fresh fruit, for that matter. The artist, an interior design major, has a fabulous eye for shape and color. And because the colors (a handmade synthetic rubber–no chipping!) are hand dipped, each one comes out different, which I totally dig.

There are also matching mini bowls and spoons that will make a great gift. And if you’re not the gifting type, they’ll make you want to be. 

For an extra $5 it’s worth it to order the bowls pre-seasoned. These are ones you’ll want to have around for a long time. and they will be. Try and break these, kiddos. –Eva

Visit Etsy’s for handmade wooden bowls, spoons and more.




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