Here are some things we’ve been reading around the web this week. Hope you like them too.

Generations photograph on Cool Mom Picks

Similar to the Mother’s Day photo we found, we love this cool way of capturing four generations in a single shot for a very special Father’s Day gift.

Speaking of which, check out the first post in our Father’s Day Gift guide series–and don’t forget to enter a truly killer giveaway for Dad.

The Sisterhood of Mothers will make you cry and make you proud. Go and read.

Why Every Mom Should Make Sure She’s in Photos With Her Kids.

If your kids are already uttering the words, “I’m bored,” click over to this list of great activities and ideas for summer that should shake things up. 

Fiddle Oak Self Portraits on Cool Mom Picks

Check out the amazingly surreal self-portraits from a 14 year old.

What are your thoughts on this recent poll about parenting?

Read what the Worst End of School Year Mom Ever has to say about these last few weeks of school. Hilarious!

Is CMP favorite Tattly bringing their tattoos to your NYC neighborhood? We love this idea!

Find out three of Kristen’s favorite places in Atlanta in this exclusive interview.

Outdoor race track on Cool Mom Picks

Start your engines: How to build the coolest outdoor race track for your toy cars. (via Apartment Therapy)

Reading how one set of parents tries to juggle their three kids’ busy schedules will have you wishing for the “easy” days of diapers and naps.

Is Social Media Fair to Our Kids?

Pinterest Board of the Week: Father’s Day is almost here (as you can tell) and our Father’s Day Pinterest board is packed with ideas for dear old Dad.

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