Since we’re unabashed Pinterest fans, we were excited when we got an invitation to try out a new social shopping and curation site called Luvocracy. It feels a lot like Pinterest, only you can purchase the items directly from the site, all curated by some amazing tastemakers, like Joyce Cho of Oh Joy, Jamie Derringer of Design Milk, and now… Cool Mom Picks!

Luvocracy | Cool Mom Picks

If you click around it’s not too hard to get a sense of it. Basically you’re curating a shop made of various “collections” – in our case, style, cool kids + baby clothes, awesome jewelry, fabulous tech, and more. You know, like our site.

Cool Mom Picks Collections on Luvocracy

Within each, you’ll find some of our favorite things. Lots of which you’ve seen right here, and some that you haven’t. Like my recent New Favorite Shirt purchase:

Women's Style by Cool Mom Picks on Luvocracy

The kicker is, Luvocracy will scour the web to find the best price on any item. So the price you see on the site is the maximum you’ll pay, because if you buy it, they’ll actually order it for you and ship it.

Of course if you’re “luving” indie design, like we tend to, the max price thing won’t matter, but when it comes to something like a book or a baby crib, you could save a whole lot of money. Plus you get a 30-day return policy on absolutely everything, which is more than you get from some shops for sure.

Cool Mom Picks baby clothes on Luvocracy

The other thing that’s nice about Luvocracy is that if you buy something right from our collections, you’re helping to support us with a small percentage of sales. And hey–if we buy something from your shop, we’re helping support you too! That’s what’s so fun about it.

We’re pretty excited about this so we hope you’ll join us. And get in early, before this blows up which it really could.

Now the site is still very much in progress, so there are still a few minor glitches like pictures that don’t load right away or prices that aren’t showing up. But when it does work it works beautifully. And we’re already finding tons of cool new stuff just from browsing around. Which…dangerous. But hey, maybe if enough of you buy those awesome placemats we found in our House, Beautiful collection, we’ll make enough to pay for our habits. –Liz

EXTRA COOL: Get $10 off your first purchase when you find Cool Mom Picks on Luvocracy via Liz Gumbinner (for now) and join through this link. Just click on sign-up link at top right and the credit will be added to your account. Then start your own curations and hopefully earn a little cash too.

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