Here are some things we’ve loved reading around the web this week. We hope you do too!

Disney Princesses in historically accurate clothes on Cool Mom Picks


Disney princesses get beautifully outfitted in more historically accurate clothing. (via Laughing Squid)

If serving dinner to your kids is a big production, you’ve got to see this hilarious video that turns it into just that.

The kids will have geometric fun making these smiling polyhedra characters from Minieco.

NYC for free: Check out Mommy Poppins list of free New York attractions for kids.

Judy Gelles photos of kids' wishes on Cool Mom Picks

Do you remember fourth grade? This photographic series captures the wishes and worries of special kids from around the globe. (via Design Mom)

Ice Cream for Breakfast? When you read about this initiative making dreams come true for some special kids, you’ll understand why this is such a great idea.

We adore LEGO, though this petition to get more female Minifigs into the overall mix has our support.

Birthing classes: Must-do or a big waste of time?


Alpha Mom Ramadan coloring page on Cool Mom Picks

We love this special coloring page from Alpha Mom that celebrates the start of Ramadan and also helps us explain its significance to the kids.

What a great group of outdoor playhouses for kids, from the rustic to the whimsical.

Is it too early for back-to-school shopping? Some of us think so.

Pinterest Board of the Week: Celebrate Bastille Day on Sunday by taking a peek at Deborah Russenberger’s Bastille Day board of fun things en francais. 

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