Here are the links we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you do too!

DIY blackboard project | Cool Mom Picks


Cute DIY chalkboard project–and love the fun Washi tape detail. 

10 classroom rules for kids of any age. Any new ones for you?

Hooray for the first female scientist LEGO minifig!

Party ideas on instagram from Lil Sugar | Cool Mom Picks

Some fun (if over-the-top) party ideas found on Instagram at Lil Sugar. 

Why work-at-home moms should not feel guilty about childcare help

Do you overschedule your kids after school? Nice perspective.

Congrats to our friend Erin Loechner on her beautiful new site Clementine Daily. Definitely worth a click. 

A must-read post about her kids first day at a new public high school from Gabby of Design Mom. 

5 super easy school lunch ideas

An airline introduces flying nannies. (Not to be confused with flying nuns.)

Junk food baby size chart at How to Be a Dad | Cool Mom Picks

Laughing at this Junk Food Baby Size Comparison Chart from How to Be a Dad because honestly, that’s what we ate during our own pregancies. 

Pinterest board of the week: Samantha Wong’s Kids Crafts I Adore is filled with fun DIY inspiration, most of it actually doable. 




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