Here are some of our favorite links around the web this week. Hope you like them too!


Karate babies rule! Love this ad campaign featuring strong babies by Eric Sahrmann.

You’ll laugh at these 21 kids who sold out their parents through their artwork.

Interesting: A teacher explains why homework isn’t necessarily good for kids. [via Nancy Letts]

Daria at NYC Fashion Week at Cool Mom Picks

Cartoon characters reinvisioned for fashion week. By far our favorite: Daria. (Also, they didn’t skinnify her like Lisa Simpson.)

Brain, Child is back and better than ever, with tons of must-read articles for smart parents.

The NFL’s Arian Foster on 6 things to teach his daughter. [via C.C. Chapman]

We loved the little video series Olive Us by Design Mom Gabrielle Blair when it first launched, and the newest Olive Us season that just launched is wonderful.

Love this measured response from blogger Kristen Howerton in her letter to the now infamous Mrs. Hall.

Clothespin doll DIY from this art of mine | Cool Mom Picks

Starting to think of indoor craft projects? Great tutorial for DIY clothespin dolls.

Can a football clinic for mothers help make the game safer for kids?

Guess how many employees are now telecommuting? Good news for parents looking for more flexible work situations.

Must-read for parents from Delia Ephron: You Can’t Have it All, But You Can Have Cake.

Pinterest board of the week: Thanks to the Etsy blog, we found Kid Stuff World by Stacy Teet, a nice little board of DIY and design inspiration, like the clothespin dolls above.

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