I am so happy that black and white clothes are back on trend, never having entirely given up my love for that look a few decades back. So of course I love this strikingly simple black and white bracelet from one of my favorite brands. 


marimekko juna black and white striped bracelet | cool mom picks


The Marimekko Juna Bracelet is a lightweight resin, but with enough chunk that it makes a stylish impression. Wear it on its own, or go nuts and pair it with the teal and black striped bracelet to match. I think it would look great with all black and white, or even with a strong statement color like yellow or hot pink.

Of course whether you choose to wear it with asymmetrical sunglasses, legwarmers, and and hair mousse is totally up to you. Although don’t say I recommended that. Just the bracelet. –Liz

Go retro with the Marimekko Juna Bracelet, online at Marimekko.

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