These days the zodiac is where it’s at in the gift-giving department. We’ve seen this astral trend pop up in a variety of gifts and baubles…and we totally get the appeal. Sun sign swag is personal, fun and perfect for so many occasions. In fact, my usually indecisive Libran self didn’t even need to think twice about falling for this hand-stitched astro sign necklace.



zodiac necklace at cool mom picks

Come on, admit it: don’t we all love the little doses of daily therapy our astrological horoscopes give us? I love the idea of wearing my Libra pride in a way that’s not too, well…70s. So I’m completely charmed by these playful, embroidered constellation pieces, created with “handmade love” by jewelry designers Zelma Rose of Northern California.

The artisan group boasts classic style and modern design inspired by their rural lifestyle. The awesome zodiac collection was inspired by the group’s stargazing trips out in Yosemite National Park. I mean, really, you could love them just for that, but the necklaces happen to be adorable as well.

These necklaces are super personal and sweet, with delicate hand-stitching of your zodiac constellation custom made to order in white or gold thread, set against the rich blue night sky. I love these as gifts for female friends, or even for an older child’s big celebration. After all, we can all use a little more stargazing in our lives, am I right? –Stephanie M

Shop the full zodiac collection at While you are there, be sure to check out the rest of the groovy selections, including more jewelry, bowties, lockets and boutonnieres.

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