Here are some of our favorite links around the web this week. Hope you like them too. 

disney princesses as marvel superheroes by aegiskitty | cool mom picks

In love with this illustrated series of Disney Princesses in superhero costumes.

The post every parent wishes they could have written to non-parents who complain about their children. [h/t craig brockman]

Great idea for parents and kids this Saturday: Celebrate the International Day of Peace with Music Together. 

Funny post from our own Christina about overscheduling your kids

please draw me a wall photography series | cool mom picks

Love this Please Draw Me A Wall photo series, that portrays people cleverly interracting with street graffiti. [via laughing squid]

Cutest little animated video ever: The Knitted Slipper Book Trailer.

Jade Bealle’s A Beautiful Body book features photography celebrating real mother’s bodies. Also check out The Shape of a Mother, the original blog doing just that.

We’re amazed this Etsy print we found struck such a chord with so many.

Just for fun, want to mess with your mind? Click here. Trust us. You’ll see. [via shelly kramer]

diy halloween costume for baby by mer mag | cool mom picks

Pinterest Board of the Week: Rachel Faucett of Handmade Charlotte brings a ton of Halloween inspiration in her DIY costumes for kids board. How cute is this baby hat!

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