Aren’t the lines on this handmade cuff striking? If you’re from Boston, they might even be familiar. Here’s why.

ShopJoyo map cuff | Cool Mom Picks

ShopJoyo on Etsy offers tons of pretty cuffs, each one made of laser-cut cherry wood over brushed aluminum, lined with soft ultrasuede. We’re especially smitten with the Map cuff, which can be custom made using the roadmaps from the city of your choice. The example above is Boston, but the shop owner is happy to use any address you supply.

And the other bracelets are cool, too.

ShopJoyo cuff | Cool Mom Picks

ShopJoyo cuff | Cool Mom Picks

ShopJoyo cuff | Cool Mom Picks

Of course, the map idea is the one that intrigues us most since we’ve never seen anything like it before. What a cool way to remember those special places, from where he proposed to where you went into labor on the way home from the movies! Not that you would ever forget. –Delilah

Find laser-cut cuffs at ShopJoyo on Etsy, including the Custom Map Cuff.


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