This week, my glorious, generous business partners picked out the most stunning belated birthday gift for me: a necklace from designer Tamara Schafhauser. I admit, I’ve been coordinating outfits around it all week long. Can you blame me?

The array of necklaces, bracelets and earrings from her line, Sheer Addiction Jewelry, comprises everything I love: vintage styling, statement pieces that are still super wearable, beautiful craftsmanship, and limited-edition designs so not every person on the street will be wearing the same one you are.

(Admit it, that matters. A little.)

My own Alexa necklace (above) is a combination of chains, crystals and a vintage brass stamp. It looks amazing with every neckline I’ve tried it with, it drapes gorgeously, and it’s not heavy or cumbersome in the least while still feeling substantial, like good jewelry should. No ball-bearing chains, here.

The inspiration all comes from flea market finds as you can probably tell. She mixes chains, crystals, vintage brass stamps, pendants and semi-precious stones to make amazing layered pieces that still retain balance and structure to them.

Sheer Addiction Jewelry Vintage Chain Necklaces | Cool Mom Picks


Sheer Addiction Necklace with Semi-Precious Stones | Cool Mom Picks

Sheer Addiction Jewelry Vintage Bracelet | Cool Mom Picks

Sheer Addiction Jewelry Choker | Cool Mom Picks

Sheer Addiction Jewelry Bracelet | Cool Mom Picks

I’m also eyeing the Layla necklace which mixes chains and glass pearls, the Evie necklace which uses vintage gold and semi-precious stones, and pretty much every one of the bracelets. There are also some neat earrings, like the Marshall earrings, which are made from old brass stampings but feel really fresh.

Sheer Addiction Vintage Earrings | Cool Mom Picks

Also worth a look are the collection of Trio Necklaces that are like three great buys in one. Wear each on their own, or all together for a sweet, Gatsby-era layered look.

Sheer Addiction Necklace | Cool Mom Picks

This isn’t cheap jewelry, but it’s not bank-breaking either if you’re into good jewelry. The smaller necklaces start at $52 on sale, and they top out just under $200. A great steal: The Marshall bracelet on sale for just $29, but there are only a few left.

I imagine these could end up on a lot of holiday lists this year.

And I know, I know, we’re not even up to Halloween and I’ve already started my mental holiday wish list. Please tell me I’m not the only one. –Liz

Shop the stunning jewelry at Sheer Addiction Jewelry by Tamara Shafhauser. And don’t miss the sale jewelry

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