Here are the things we’ve liked reading around the web this week. Hope you do too!

the best pancake recipes on one hungry mama | cool mom picks


8 mouth-watering pancake recipes.

The biggest baby of 2013. Wow.

#NAPHOPOMO begins–national photo posting month. Be prepared to be inspired.

Habits of extremely happy people [via boston mamas]

diy pipe cleaner puppets for kids at handmade charlotte | cool mom picks

DIY pipe cleaner puppets tutorial-Thanksgiving craft?

Harvest & Thrive launches if you need inspiration and motivation.

Great tips on how to help with math homework.

Finding the best pets for kids with allergies.

Yesterday was National Brush Day. Do you have the best toothbrushes for your kids?

funniest parenting tweets | cool mom picks

Funniest tweets from parents via Huffington Post, including one from our own editor Liz @mom101. Worth a click if you need 27 laughs.

None other than Vivienne Westwood encourages people to buy less and choose quality over quantity. (We agree!) [via]


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