We’re always looking for mom jewelry that doesn’t quite feel so mom-like, and this sweet little  necklace fits the bill nicely. If you want to commemorate a special date, from a wedding anniversary to the birth of your first child, the custom Roman numeral necklace from Make Pie Not War (ha) may be just what you’re looking for.

Because it’s customized, it’s got a vaguely rough-hewn look I really like, plus artist Alana Little can make the bar longer, should you be commemorating a birth in ‘VIII instead of in ‘I.

custom twitter necklace from make pie | cool mom picks

There are other options too, including standard lettering, Braille, and even a Twitter handle necklace or one with your hashtag, a trend we first spotted on Cool Mom Tech a few years back.

Be aware the necklace is not gold; it’s brass, which accounts for the amazing $36 price. But hey, plenty of us will take spending XXXIV for a sweet keepsake gift any day. –Liz

Find the Roman numeral necklace on Uncovet right now and see more jewelry from Make Pie Not War on their website. 


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