In the midst of the blaring holiday sales madness, we love to find gift giving and getting options that truly help others in need. And if you’d like to educate your kids about the importance of giving at this “I want” time of year, the handmade accessoris and gifts from Me to We is an option to consider.

While we’ve featured many organizations we adore that empower people with jobs and resources to create goods for the global marketplace, like Given Gooods Company,  31 Bits, and most recently TOMS marketplace, this group does something different to enhance the giving experience: You have the ability to track your impact and see just how your purchases and actions make a positive impact on others.

Each piece comes with a special code allowing you to see where and how your money went overseas as a gift — a tree, a meal, or a pencil for a student.

We think the handmade jewelry and accessories selections here are especially spot-on for young women, with pieces priced as low as $4.99 up to some more splurgey pashminas. There’s a tremendous and colorful selection of earrings, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, gloves, and more. Personally? I am completely obsessed with the on-trend layering of their bracelets and necklaces.  There are also excellent stocking stuffers like “Be the Change” greeting cards and cufflinks f0r the guys.

We to Me Pashmina Shawl | Cool Mom Picks

Pashmina Ring Shawl

Sepia Bracelet on Me to We | Cool Mom Picks

Sepia Wrap Bracelet (also worn by Demi Lovato, by the way)

Be the Change Card from Me to We

Be the Change Card which send medication to children in need

Ashe Bracelets make affordable stocking stuffers.


 Great wrapping too!

I really love the idea of opening the eyes of a child–or even an adult–by handing them a gift with a special story attached to it. And when their friends ask where they got that cool bracelet, the awesome tale they get to tell means even more people learn about this great organization. Very good stuff, indeed. –Stephanie M. 

Shop the wide array of handmade accessories and jewelry available at and learn more about what Me to We is doing to help people in need globally. 

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