Every Friday we share our favorite links that we’ve found around the web. Here they are, and we hope you like them too!


Must buy:  Mike Boon’s Pixar Alphabet. [h/t whatanart]

Must see: The worst apps for kids. Beyond what we could have imagined we’d find in the App Store.

Must read: How one woman got over breastfeeding in public.

Must watch: Hank Azaria’s new video series on Fatherhood featuring every awesome celebrity dad. [h/t blurbomat]

Must look: London photographer Chino Otsuka‘s amazing series of her..with herself as a child.

Makes you think: Adoptee Brett Hunneycut’s memoir of meeting his birth mother in Taiwan.

Inspiration: Dosomething.org’s Teens for Jeans campaign to help homelesss youth.

Get arty: Take your children to see the Royal Ballet on the big screen near you.


Free printable paper stars from minieco | Cool Mom Picks

Crafty: Free template for cut and fold paper stars to brighten up the house.

Pinterest board of the week: Gretchen Kim’s Creative Kid Stuff is filled with crafts and ideas for cold, wintry weekends.

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