From books that celebrate his life’s story, to activities you can do with the kids on this Day of Service, we’ve rounded up some of the best ways to remember the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today, or any day of the year.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service | Cool Mom Picks

 Volunteer opportunities

If your local newspaper or websites don’t list any special events, check out All For Good’s searchable database for Martin Luther King Day events in your area. In the Boston area, I was able to find events where people of all ages will make fleece scarves for homeless people, serve at local food drives, or usher at a tribute concert for Dr. King.


Martin Luther King Jr. books | Cool Mom Picks

Kids’ books about Dr. King
Beautifully illustrated, poignantly told, and appropriately written for younger audiences, we are particularly fond of two stories about Dr. King. The first, I Have a Dream, takes that most-famous speech and pairs it with Kadir Nelson’s celebrated pictures. To add to the impact, a CD of the actual speech is included too, since who better to speak the words than the man himself?

My Daddy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a sweet story told by Martin Luther King III. It gives kids a chance to hear what it was like to have such a famous father, with glimpses into their family life as well as how a little boy felt to have a father doing such important work.


Brain Pop Martin Luther King Jr. videos | Cool Mom Picks

 Videos about Martin Luther King Jr.

Entertaining and smart, Brain Pop’s two videos about Martin Luther King Jr. have been enjoyed by my kids over the years. Turn to Brain Pop Jr for younger grade-school students and Brain Pop for older kids, though both handle the content with sensitivity for their listening audience.


March On! DVD about Dr. King | Cool Mom Picks

Scholastic’s March On! and more stories about African American History includes the title story about his I Have a Dream speech, which was written with obvious love by Dr. King’s sister Christine King Ferris.

Readeez Martin Luther King Jr. | Cool Mom Picks

 And sometimes, Dr. King’s words are all you need. Readeez’s super accurate Syllable-Sync technique makes it so much easier for kids to follow Dr. King’s I Have A Dream speech. Spend a few minutes sharing this with your kids, and they’ll have a better understanding why we celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. today.

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