Are you sick of the cold yet? It’s snowing in the deep south. Pigs are flying. Brrr. So, in our house, instead of dolls or video games, the thing my daughter is begging for at the moment is earmuffs. Kinda sad, but not when mama finds kids’ earmuffs as fabulous as these from the Etsy shop Rainbow Mittens.

I love the fluffy and huge pale pink muffs on these (they also come in white, brown or black). And the headband is covered in pretty lace, just for some fancy. Moms, they make them in your size too, in case you want to do the mini-me thing with your little.

These are made to order, so expect them in about 10 days. But they’re worth the wait.

Handmade earmuffs for kids are available at Rainbow Mittens on Etsy for $32.00. Order yours before the ice thaws!



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